The Sunday Night Project was such a laugh last night, we had Simon Pegg hosting and it really was a joy. He was so funny and was a fan of the show, which made mine and Justins job so much better (the amount of times we’ve had to tell the hosts that me and Justin aren’t lovers, and no were not thinking of having a civil ceremony!! – but if OK magazine paid enough money I’d do, it. I’m not proud. I’d open an Al-Queda training camp if the money was right). But not only was it a joy but I got to cross off my last wish from my 2008 wish list – to play Diana ‘I’m just a girl from Blackburn’ Vickers from X-Factor in a sketch. Simon played Eggnog as an Ewok and strangely, it worked. Justin makes a beautiful Alexandra, if you squint and put some lino over the tv screen.

Is it me, or is it not very Christmassy this year? I didn’t feel too full of Christmas Spirit, i went out for a drive to see the happy faces of all the shoppers – Christ I wish i’d never bothered. Miserable people scowling, pushing and shoving, then believe it or not I saw Dr. Legg (from Eastenders fame) standing alone outside a closed down ‘Woolies’ – i’m not too proud to tell you I nearly wept, it was such a heartwarming sight, two icons from yesteryear together, it was like Cliff Richard and Kiki Dee in ‘Mistletoe and Wine’. I had to pull over and have a mulled wine, well, any excuse.