“I’m too shallow for demons…” Queen Alan talks to The Guardian

Catch Alan’s fabulous interview with Simon Hattenstone in The Guardian.

Alan Carr as the Queen

“The first time you come across Alan Carr, you notice one thing. He’s screamingly camp. Imagine the love child of Kenneth Williams and Frankie Howerd, and you might get close.  He says he’s never come out – there’s never been any need to. Gay activists have even accused him of being too gay; of giving homosexuals a bad name. 

The funny thing is, he says, he’s spent so much of his life trying to de-camp himself. He’d try to play football or deepen his voice, but there was always a little something that gave him away – the obsession with Wonder Woman, the laugh, the limp wrist, the love of Doris Day films, the attraction to Rock Hudson...”

Read the whole article – and see more photos! – on The Guardian website

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Portraits of Alan by Jay Brooks