Happy New Year!!

Ok, ok its January 13th but i’ve been busy – alright? Good. Excited but slightly nervous about 2011 – loads and loads of ‘Chattymen’ and an Arena Tour, i’m swallowing sick as i write this.

Out of all the amazing things i did and people i met – there is one stand out moment for me and that was meeting Nanny Pat – (you know, the only person on ‘The Only Way Is Essex’ that doesn’t look like they moisturise with Kiora) what a lovely woman and guess what? She’d brought along her sausage plait – yum (she also does a veggie option just for the record).

My New Year Resolutions are as follows
1) Cut down on the demon drink
2)Dump toxic friends
3)Stop dressing as a woman
1) and 2) are obvious but 3), well it just seems more and more, for photoshoots i’m turning more towards a high heel than a flat, a pencil skirt than a jean and a bubble perm rather than a buzz cut – whats up with me!!. I’m a man i should be proud of that don’t you think? I don’t mean start badger baiting or bare knuckle fighting – just embrace my masculinity, well once i’ve done this ironing. Here goes.
Happy New Year Al x