I love Grace Jones!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I saw Grace Jones at the Roundhouse in Camden on Friday and she was amazing, she hulahooped her way through Slave to the Rhythm, now that doesn’t happen everyday does it?

The designer Julian McDonald was there and said to me that we should go backstage to visit Grace as he had designed some of her stage outfits, initially I was against it as i hate those situations, standing there in their dressing room saying how great the show was, knowing full well they want to go home, put their feet up and have a cuppa, but i said ‘Yes, ok, lets go’.

There was a large crowd outside as you’d expect, and Julian minced straight to the front of the queue ‘Its Julian and Alan Carr to see Grace’. i heard a growl ‘five minutes’ come from inside, and after the five minutes of small talk with the bodyguards the door was opened by Simon LeBon, i know, well random! Me and Julian go in, she obviously recognises Julian, being an international fashion designer and all but sadly not me ‘Get out! Get out!’ she screams (with tights on her head) she grabs my arm and shoves me out her dressing room and with a loud slam I am banished from Grace’s inner circle – infront of the whole queue. Oh dear! Do you know though what I love her even more? What an anecdote, who else can say they’ve been manhandled by Grace Jones on a night out, well ok, quite a few, but it made my gist.

I’m warning all you divas only Grace can do that, I’m seeing Tina Turner in March and if that bitch even as much as gives me a dirty look i’m going to…….

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