Well, my tongue has only just recovered from Gordon Ramsey’s Cookalong, for those who didn’t see it, a man was there who makes the hottest curry in the world and he wasn’t joking, it was like Korma flavoured Listerine, i’ve never sounded so butch, it basically destroyed my tastebuds which was probably a good thing after the monstrosity I cooked up and fed my friends (they’re not speaking to me now). I was so nervous a) cooking a three course Indian meal b) live on telly with c) Gordon breathing down my neck, c’mon you’d be nervous too, plus they’d asked me not to mention any ‘goings on’ that have been in the papers recently, well as you can imagine my brain went into ‘Gordon Tourettes’, every thought I had was hanky panky related ‘Tonight I’m making a Whorema, Korma sorry, Korma’. However anxieties aside it was a success and Gordon was lovely and so was his wife Tana, she was a real sweetheart, and I say good luck to them both, i think the last few weeks for them have been a bit like my chicken madras – tough and hard to swallow.