Just got back from The Times Cheltenham Literary Festival, and I must say I had a great time, I can’t tell you what the best bit was, whether it was the sell out 900+ audience or sharing a vol au vent with Jilly Cooper in ‘The Writers Room’. Yes, haters I am classed as a ‘Writer’ now, I can now legitimately be mentioned in the same breath as Maeve Binchey and Jackie Collins, which I think I am anyway, what with some of the looks I get walking up Holloway Road in my manhole cover sized sunglasses and foxfur pashmina.

Interviewed Pete Wentz from Falloutboy today and was pleasantly surprised, he was lovely and intelligent, I know I shouldn’t sound surprised but some of these bands you meet, lets just say you wouldn’t see them in Dictionary Corner, but what a surprise. There have been reports that he is bisexual but can I say for the record he never made a move on me even though I was in close proximity to him and i was alone in the room with him at all times.