What a busy July i’ve had – it seems to have just flown by. It was a strange but eventful month for me, i was accused in the papers of having my eyes lazered, teeth straigtened and a weave fitted, had dinner with the Beckhams, had a night out with Louie Spence and Kylie (finally) came on my Chattyman and destroyed a nibble tray comprising of Frazzles and pork scratchings – yes and before you ask – i do love namedropping!!! Look its not everyday you get to say to Posh Spice ‘Can you pass me the gravy?’ is it?

Took my goddaughters to Regents Park Zoo which was great although a little bit terrifying going into the monkeys cage to feed them – ever since i saw that woman whose face had been bitten off by that chimp – ive always been a little bit scared – i prefered them when they were fun, you know wearing berets and pushing pianos about badly mouthing ‘Its the taste’. Anyway the visit was a success, they enjoyed the nuts and dates we gave them, although thankfully none of them grabbed my weave and ran off with it – if they were going to do that – at least wait for me to get my camcorder £250 quid is £250 quid aint it?
Got some great guests lined up for Chattyman something for everyone i promise Ricky Gervais, Katy Perry, Davina, Robin Williams, Drew Barrymore, McFly, Olly Murrs, Paul O’Grady, The Killers…..the list goes on
Take Care Al x