Boa Dia

Watcha!Boa Dia that’s Brazilian for hello, sorry i havent been blogging but have been in Rio De Janiero on holiday and it was amazing. I’ve always wanted to go there and I finally thought ‘Sod it’ im going to go. When you’re homosexual and you tell people that you’re going to Rio, people assume that you are going as a sex tourist. This wasn’t the case, I was going with my elderly neighbour Mrs. Bhabuta and with her needing 24 hour attention the chances of me disappearing up Sugarloaf mountain were very slim. The weather was oppressive and even though she is on a respirator she still wanted to go up the Christ and take in the view which is doubly strange because she’s a Muslim with glucoma but anyway if Mohommed wont go to the mountain.

I went down the gay beach, (i told Mrs. Bhabuta i’d popped out for a loaf), it really was a sight to behold. Men in the skimpiest briefs and muscles like you’d never seen, i had a great view, especially through the peepholes i’d drilled in my windbreaker. You’ve got to go love.

Boa Noche – thats good night in Brazil.

P.S They actually speak Portugese not Spanish so for the first few days I was greeting everyone with Ola and saying Adios with a wave of my Daily Star which of course gave the game away that I was actually a tourist and not a local. Damn.