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50 cent come home, can you read me!

Well, there I was, sitting at home with my dictophone in my hand waiting for the car to take me to the press junket where I am to interview 50cent for More magazine and I get told that he has had a queeny strop and walked out the junket refusing to talk to anymore journalists because he was asked a question he didn’t like. Oh dear! For someone who constantly talks about living in the ghetto, bitches and hos glorifying gun crime and dissing cock sucking faggots, he seems to be a very sensitive soul. Maybe he should lie down in a darkened room, poor thing. Interviewing Sugababes tomorrow, i’ve met them before and they are lovely. At least i wont get a cap in my ass.

What do you think?

Do I really look like Mick Hucknall’s love child?


Yes, boys and girls, I’ve just heard that The Sunday Night Project is back. We will be hitting your screens with a brand new series on the 21st December starting with our very own Christmas special. I’ll keep you posted on guests as soon as I know. Got to go ‘Midsommer Murders has just started.

MORE Magazine

Just to let you know that I have a new job, I’m going to be a reporter, don’t worry I’m not going to be airdropped behind enemy lines in Basra, I’m Entertainment Reporter for More magazine. Yes and tomorrow I will be interviewing Rachel Stevens from Strictly Come Dancing and on Monday 50Cent. Oh my god!!! Hope i don’t get a cap in my ass. At least we can discuss bullet holes he’s been shot 9 times, and I got an air gun pellet up my poopschute whilst doing a big shop in Iceland. We might become bezzie mates, you never know. Word up bitches!!!!!