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Hello all, its not everyday that you get to dance on ice with Torvill and Dean and its not every day that you get to walk down the high street like you’ve shat yourself and had to ask a complete stranger to pick your wallet up off the floor because if you bend your legs you’re going to follow through. Oh yes, my delight at dancing with Britains Number 1 ice skating stars had sadly turned to agony. I had been down to the show to interview the stars for ‘MORE’ and the chance had come up to dance with them and how could I say no. They had decided to put me in a canary skintight skating outfit for the photo, ‘the colour is saffron’ the costumier hissed, waggling his thimble at me, as I described to my agent the monstrosity that was clinging to my body (and genitals if i’m honest). The outfit was excruciating, i had a reinforced gusset, a body stocking with poppers and a jock strap, no wonder those male skaters grin as they lift up their partners, thats not professionalism that’s ball-ache. It wasn’t just downstairs that hurt, whilst i was skating around i must have used muscles that i hadn’t used before because the rest of the week they’ve been really sore, i know i’m unfit but four days later, please.

Got Anne Robinson on the Project tomorrow, hope shes not too mean to me. Alan, you are one tooth short of a grimace, you are the weakest link. Goodbye.

If you want to see the pictures and the interviews with the dancing on ice stars buy MORE next week, go on i dare you.


Hello blog, bored out of my tiny little mind. Washed up, mopped the kitchen floor, done my recycling, nothing on telly. I’m on a diet and am so trying desperately not to eat, you wouldn’t believe. I was watching half tonne son the other night and just as I was going to grab another jaffa cake they homed in on his back boobs – not a pretty sight. Mine are a handful but they dont hang down that much, yes I admit once i did get the nipple caught in the zip of my bumbag but apart from that they’ve been no bother at all.

Been sorting out my New York photos, i went there for New Years Eve, and i sort of begrudge digital cameras, i preferred the old ones, when it was when you got back home that you realised how fat and pasty you were, and you’d have to look sheepish as the Boots photo technician handed them to you over the counter, smiling smuggly whilst thinking ‘I bet you thought you looked so good in those lime green swimming trunks’. Oh no, now thanks to digital you can see how shite you look there and then, thanks isn’t technology wonderful.

Just found out that the last remaining guests for The Sunday Night Project are Anne Robinson and Martin Sheen, so should be interesting to say the least. We’ve got Catherine Tate on tomorrow, we’ve already filmed a ‘Celebrity Come Dine With Me’ spoof with her and it was really funny, me and Justin host a japanese themed night and well, i’ll let you find out for yourselves if we beat Catherines dinner party at ten o’clock on channel 4 this Sunday.

Celebrity Big Brother

I don’t know what’s more disturbing LaToya Jackson’s nose or Mutya’s acrylics, they’re huge. They’re bigger than Verne, i hope they don’t fall off, they could puncture the tyre of his shopmobility scooter.

By the way, i miss Christmas!


The Sunday Night Project was such a laugh last night, we had Simon Pegg hosting and it really was a joy. He was so funny and was a fan of the show, which made mine and Justins job so much better (the amount of times we’ve had to tell the hosts that me and Justin aren’t lovers, and no were not thinking of having a civil ceremony!! – but if OK magazine paid enough money I’d do, it. I’m not proud. I’d open an Al-Queda training camp if the money was right). But not only was it a joy but I got to cross off my last wish from my 2008 wish list – to play Diana ‘I’m just a girl from Blackburn’ Vickers from X-Factor in a sketch. Simon played Eggnog as an Ewok and strangely, it worked. Justin makes a beautiful Alexandra, if you squint and put some lino over the tv screen.

Is it me, or is it not very Christmassy this year? I didn’t feel too full of Christmas Spirit, i went out for a drive to see the happy faces of all the shoppers – Christ I wish i’d never bothered. Miserable people scowling, pushing and shoving, then believe it or not I saw Dr. Legg (from Eastenders fame) standing alone outside a closed down ‘Woolies’ – i’m not too proud to tell you I nearly wept, it was such a heartwarming sight, two icons from yesteryear together, it was like Cliff Richard and Kiki Dee in ‘Mistletoe and Wine’. I had to pull over and have a mulled wine, well, any excuse.