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Alan Carr wins two new awards

Alan’s got off to a cracking start this year with two awards in as many months! On January 25th, he beat fierce competition to take home the Best Chat Show gong at the National Television Awards – in a category that included Graham Norton and The Jonathan Ross Show!

Alan thanked his fans for all their support and their votes!

And earlier this month, he won the Loaded LAFTA Award for Best Stand Up.

Sam x
(Alan’s little helper)

Alan Carr: Chatty Man returns in April…

The 8th series of Alan Carr: Chatty Man starts in April 2012 on Channel 4. Don’t forget to check @chattyman on Twitter and Facebook for the latest news. If you’re interested in applying for tickets to see the show, they’ll be available through SRO Audiences closer to the transmission date.

Catch up on all the clips from the show – right back to series one – on the Channel 4 website. Alan also has other Channel 4 projects in the pipeline for 2012, so watch this space!

Sam x
(Alan’s little helper)


Alright, alright i admit it – i’m shit at blogging – i’ve just gone onto my own website and seen that i haven’t blogged since July. Sorry, I’ve been busy as i’m sure you will all know who have read my tweets or seen SPEXY BEAST tour – i have been all over the shop working my bottom off. Thank you to everyone who has come and thank you for all the generous gifts that you have sent to me which have included in no particular order….


Home-made jam
Cupcakes (with glasses drawn on the icing with biro!!!)
A figurine of a victorian lady
A balloonman of me and Bev
A hamper from Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem * (which included a dog bandana)
Various etchings of me in different poses – (I must have one of those faces and figures that people look at and go, ooh i must put pen to paper).
A fly swatter
*Ye Olde Trip To Jerusalem is a really ancient inn in Nottingham not a travel agent!
You really shouldn’t have – no really you shouldn’t have – only joking!! Thanks so much, it really fills me with joy (fear!) as i unwrap them to see whats inside.
Anyway, apologies for the short blog – no-one reads them anyway but I have to pack my bags for the next leg of the tour Sheffield, hmm! Ambre Solaire, parasol err maybe not.
By the way, glad you liked ‘Who Do You Think You Are’ i was so nervous about it – its just so personal and close to home that i couldn’t relax, but as it happened it didn’t turn out too bad i found out my great granddad was a deserter with a heart, look i’m pleased with that i was expecting serial killer or dictator.
‘Chattyman’ is back later this month so don’t worry it wont be long until you see my cute little face back upon your TV screens.
See ya Alan xx


Thanks so much for all those people who spent their hard earned cash on buying tickets to see little old me on my ‘Spexy Beast’ tour – it is very much appreciated and i promise you i wont let you down. It’ll be nice to return to the London O2 – although whenever the thought of it enters my head i do get a twinge in the groin area – my testicles still haven’t forgiven me for being suspended 50 feet above n-dubz in a wire harness at the Comedy Gala. Boy did it chafe and it still makes me walk a bit funny to this day – well, thats my excuse and i’m sticking to it.

See you soon wherever you live
Alan x