Watcha, just a quick blog to say ‘hello’ and keeping you up to date on whats been happening in my life. Well here goes….

Went to Berlin for a weekend – its an amazing city you must go- people warned me before i went (crypticly) that Berlin was cultural yet sleazy!!! – Hmm! What do i pack? Nipple clamps and opera gloves? And believe me its hard to watch opera when your wearing a gas mask in a fuck swing.
Saw the Berlin Wall – which was so grim to say the least if theres one wall thats in need of some trellis its that one.
Got missed off the BAFTA longlist – charming – i think they should give me one as compensation dont you? It really is the least they can do – and not one of the shitty awards either ‘best use of lip-synching in a subtitled cartoon’ i want ‘Lifetime achievement’ thank you very much.
The extention of my Radio 2 show for another year, yes i know, another year – check it out Radio 2 6pm – 8pm every Saturday go on you know you want to.
Got in the papers picking up my dog Bev’s shit – yep the paps got me – a perfect image of me standing there swallowing sick trying to scoop up a large turd – i swear you can see Bev smirking.
Loving Chattyman even more – you get to ask people if they’re back on the cock, drink cheap alcohol and do the dutty whine with whoever you please – in what other job can you do that?